Having worked as a paediatric nurse for over 21 years both on the wards and in the community, I have a clear picture of the type of breastfeeding problems that face NHS staff on a daily basis.

Most UK health trusts are now either BFI accredited or well on their way to being certified. This is a massive achievement and a great starting block for providing good quality breastfeeding support to all Families in the UK. But what I’m hearing on the ground is that staff are not feeling equipped by the 2 day BFI training to support families with anything more than everyday breastfeeding issues. They are still lacking the confidence to be able to help fully with intermediate breastfeeding problems. This may be supporting with babies who have tongue tie, women who have a low supply, babies who have other health conditions, or simply those who, despite going over all of the standard latching and positioning techniques, still can’t get breastfeeding going.

With this in mind I have put together a program of intermediate breastfeeding study days, for health professionals. I have a big vision, which is that all health professionals working with expectant and new mother feel confident and are competent in being able to support a majority of their caseload with breastfeeding concerns. Not everyone has the time, inclination or support to become a Certified Lactation Consultant. Of course we always need more IBCLCs in the UK health system, but this takes time, money and a huge commitment from the individuals who are training. For staff who don’t want to train to this level, study days like mine are an excellent way to grow the knowledge base and enhance the skills of team quickly and economically.

My study days are hands-on, they’re evidence based, experiential and fun. Participants leave feeling empowered and ready to get started with the new techniques they’ve learnt the very next day. See below for the study days I run at present. I come to you and run them at a venue of your choice.

I also provide a bespoke service where I can chat with you about the needs of your staff and service users before planning a study day or series of days.

I am in the process of accredditing these courses with CERPS so that they can be used towards CPD and towards the IBCLC certification.

Conatct me for more information and for a quote for your team. anna@mammalia.co.uk


 Attachment and Position Study Day

Studies show that over 90% of breastfeeding problems are down to latch. This study day is practical and fun, but most importantly learners leave feeling really confident about how to help the families they work with get completely comfortable when breastfeeding so that it’s an enjoyable experience, whilst ensuring that their baby is getting enough milk.

We focus on:

The details of a deep latch, how it looks and how it feels

How positioning can help

How to help a Mum get comfortable

Supporting those with babies with oral ties

How to know babies are getting enough milk – assessing milk transfer

How the mind affects breastfeeding and how to support families with this.

Using nipple shields and other medical devices

Role playing –  challenging positioning and attachment scenarios

Knowing when to refer on


 Milk Supply and Supplementation Study Day

It’s essential that those who support women with breastfeeding can assess milk transfer and whether a baby is getting enough. It’s also vital that health professionals feel confident in sharing all the different options when in comes to supplementation, and that they can accurately work out how much supplementation a baby should have in order to grow and protect breast milk supply at the same time.

We focus on:

Assessing milk transfer

Recognising low supply vs poor milk transfer

Recognising the sick breastfed baby

Recognising when supplementation is and is not required

Types of supplementation

Methods of supplementation

How much to supplement

Increasing milk supply

Supporting families with expressing

The emotional side of having a low milk supply – with tools and resouces to share with families.

Knowing when to refer on.

 Mindful Breastfeeding Practitioner Day

How about learning some effective emotional and mindset tools that will help families though the challenges of breastfeeding and early parenthood?  When I started using Mindful Breastfeeding techniques in my everyday interactions with parents, I didn’t for one minute think that it would have the impact that it did. I completely underestimated how much fear, anxiety and social pressure they were experiencing, but once I started talking about it they opened up and wanted to change how they were feeling.

This study day will take you beyond the counselling skills that you use so well.  It will introduce you to the neuroscience and how this affects women at this time in their lives. I will share relaxation and mindfulness tools with you so that you can use them with the families you work with and see the transformations that I have. You will leave feeling confident enough to include mindfulness in your breastfeeding practice every single time.

We focus on:

Understanding  the neuroscience of breastfeeding and early parenting

Helping individuals to acknowlegde their feelings and emotions around infant feeding

Tools that help families to feel more positive, confident and raise their self-esteem.

Using Relaxation techniques to reduce stress and anxiety and to bond with their baby

I provide all the resources and tools to get started straight away.

To find out more about any of my courses or to discuss some bespoke traning for your team then please contact me.


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