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Affirmation Cards

14 cards, beautifully presented in a craftpaper box.  The perfect buy for expectant or new Mother. Also makes a thoughtful gift.

With positive statements to support emotions and mindset during breastfeeding, these cards can be carried around or placed in a prominent place to  remind breastfeeding parents what an amazing job they are doing. 

£12 per pack (plus P&P)


Guided Relaxation MP3s

Using deep Muscle relaxation and visualisations regularly helps reduce stress, increase confidence and deepen connections with your baby and others around you. 

So often in parenthood we feel anxious, stressed and overwhelmed. Taking just 5 to 15 minutes out of our day to quieten the mind has a myriad of positive affects on our mind and body. 

These pack of relaxations come with 3 guided MP3s that you can download and use as and when you like. 

£12 per pack of 3 guided relaxations

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