Online video call consultations

Many families are not lucky enough to have good quality breastfeeding services close by. For parents who would like to use my services from outside of Kent, in the UK or worldwide, I offer video call consultations.

Video-call consultations include a feeding assessment, verbal and written feeding guidence and information and a written plan, emailed to you following our call.

Prior to our consultation I will book a 5 minute call with you (free of charge) so that I can check that I am able help you online. Occasionally I recommend that parents take their child to see a professional face to face.

I use skype (video call) for online consultations and they usually last 30-60 minutes. During our call I will listen carefully whilst you explain what has been happening in your breastfeeding journey so far. I may ask some questions about your babies feeding habits, weight gain and nappies.

I will observe you  giving your baby a feed and ask you some questions on whether you have any pain or discomfort. I may show you some positioning options and techniques

I aim to work in a collaborative way with families where we problem solve together and I leave you with a realistic plan and some practical solutions to help you improve you and your baby’s breastfeeding experience.