At The Mindful Breastfeeding School we know you like to offer value to your clients. We know that as a birth worker you work hard building up relationships with families you suppport. You give your all, and go above and beyond to make them feel supported.

We know you probably get lots of questions about breastfeeding and even if you’re confident enough to answer them, you simply don’t always have the time. We know that supporting women with breastfeeding issues is complex, time consuming and often emotionally draining. But we also know that you always try to offer more to your clients and give them the best of you that you can.

So how about offering your clients a breastfeeding program? One which offers online support and gives women and their partners the right information about breastfeeding before their baby arrives? How about offering them practical and emotional guidance to help them through those early weeks? Our online breastfeeding program fits well alongside any other antenatal education or support. It is the perfect addition to a bundle of goodies for parents-to-be or even brand new families, navigating their way through the early weeks of parenthood.

So what’s in it? Well, as a lactation consultant/paediatric nurse and Breastfeeding counsellor/Hypnobirthing instructor, we have listened hard to the new mums, dads and partners we work with. We’ve looked at what the most useful information is for new families and what makes breastfeeding work for them. And do you know what? It wasn’t what you might expect. So as well as going over all the practical, how-to information, this course also guides parents to think about the mindful side of breastfeeding and what newborn babies need.

In fact since putting together this course, I have been using Mindful Breastfeeding techniques in my day to day work with families and the results have been outstanding. This course is all about empowering families so that they feel confident about having a newborn baby. About giving them the tools for when they are struggling and feeling overwhelmed. They will also get access to a closed Facebook group for ongoing support directly from Anna.

The Modules
Bond – An insight into the life of a newborn, their normal behaviour and how this is linked to breastfeeding. The magic of skin to skin and the importance of hormones.
Relax – All about self-care and the why our brains matter when it comes to feeding out babies.
Establish – How breastfeeding works. What you need to know for the early weeks.
Attach – How to attach your baby to the breast and how to know if your baby is getting enough milk
Support – What type of support is out there, when to get it and how.
Trust – Putting it all together and learning to trust your body and your baby.
Along with a workbook, printouts and MP3s this is a comprehensive course that can be done at any pace and be returned to at any time.

For every bundle you buy we offer a free version of the course for you to keep so that you can share further information with your clients. If you would like further details then please email Anna at…..

[email protected]