Face to Face Consultations

If you live in Kent then I can offer you a face to face consultation in the comfort of your own home. Lots of parents choose this option as it means they don’t need to leave the house to get breastfeeding support.

The first part of my visit will involve me listening to you (and your partner if they are present) to try and piece together with you what has been happening on your breastfeeding journey so far. I may jot down a few notes and ask to see your red book and any letters or notes from other health professionals.

I will also observe you feeding your baby and will ask you about any pain or discomfort you might have. I sometimes carry out an examination of your babies mouth if we agree that there could be an anatomical reason contributing to breastfeeding problems.

We will then discuss the issues that we think could be causing the issues and I will give you some practical tips. I like to give out written information for you to refer to later on and will sometimes email further information that I think may be relevant, once I am home.

Before leaving we will have discussed and put together a realistic action plan which I will leave with you to refer to.

Most initial assessment visits take 90-120 minutes

When I visit you in your home I will arrange a time that fits in with you and your family. Prior to the visit I often try and gauge with you when your baby may be wanting to feed, but I’m well aware that little ones tend to vary in their feed times from day to day. If your baby is hungry before I come please do not worry, it is far easier to observe a calm and relaxed mother and baby than a crying and hungry newborn and a fraught parent.

I charge milage costs of .45pper mile for distances over 20 miles from Faversham